Polo is a well-proportioned sans-serif with lots of character. It combines the purposeful charisma of a grotesque with the harmonious legibility of a roman typeface. It has its idiosyncrasies and a style of its own, yet has almost universal applicability. Polo was developed 1972 and since then it has become a comprehensive typeface family. Totally unique for its time, this design had a decisive influence on the development of later contemporary typefaces. Polo fonts is available for different font sizes: Polo 11 was specially designed for smaller-sized texts while, Polo 22 is intended for larger font sizes. Polo 66 is somewhat lighter and narrower and is geared towards headlines or narrow columns of text.

Single Font from
Bundle Polo 11 (10 Fonts) from

Light (Leicht)

Light Italic (Leicht Kursiv)

Regular (Buch)

Regular Italic (Buch Kursiv)

Medium (Kräftig)

Medium Italic (Kräftig Kursiv)

Bold (Halbfett)

Bold Italic (Halbfett Kursiv)

Black (Fett)

Black Italic (Fett Kursiv)

This 10 Polo fonts are available in 3 different versions:
Polo 11 is optimized for small sizes. It contains ink traps and a wider spacing.
Polo 22 has no ink traps and suits for bigger sizes.
Polo 66 is slightly lighter and narrower. It is more elegant in bigger sizes and space-saving in narrow columns.

All other Polo fonts can be used universal:



Light Small Caps

Regular Small Caps

Medium Small Caps

Bold Small Caps

Condensed Light

Condensed Light Italic

Condensed Regular

Condensed Regular Italic

Condensed Medium

Condensed Medium Italic

Condensed Bold

Condensed Bold Italic

Condensed Black

Condensed Black Italic

Compressed Light

Compressed Light Italic

Compressed Regular

Compressed Regular Italic

Compressed Medium

Compressed Medium Italic

Compressed Bold

Compressed Bold Italic

Extracondensed Light

Extracondensed Light Italic

Extracondensed Regular

Extracondensed Regular Italic

Greek Light

Greek Light Italic

Greek Regular

Greek Regular Italic

Greek Bold

Greek Bold Italic

Cyrillic Light

Cyrillic Light Italic

Cyrillic Regular

Cyrillic Regular Italic

Cyrillic Medium

Cyrillic Medium Italic

Cyrillic Bold

Cyrillic Bold Italic