Typefaces by Georg Salden

Georg Salden
Image: Georg Valerius

TypeManufactur distributes exclusively the typefaces by renowned type designer Georg Salden. With a storied career spanning over 50 years and hundreds of original fonts that speak to the aesthetics of an era, type designer Georg Salden is one of the most significant and diverse type designers of our time. Despite much of his work having a lasting influence on type culture, Salden remains relatively unknown internationally – a fact which may be due to his independence as a designer, never having worked for large font foundries. For Salden, legibility is a typeface’s primary design principle. He makes great demands of his designs: “Typefaces should not be the realization of a crazy design idea, but able to be used for many tasks. Typefaces with characteristics that don’t seem tired after a few weeks of use, which are functional, create nice word images, and have a certain technical robustness. They must possess all the good qualities which good metal typefaces have excelled at through the centuries, but generally make use of the greater freedom of the new techniques.” To Salden, expressiveness and legibility aren’t opposed – in fact, quite the contrary. His typefaces have personality, telling a unique and clear story regardless of the text’s content. Salden says, “One should not try to make typefaces expressive. You shouldn’t have to think about it. It’s like a walk, where you go here or there because you imagine it may be beautiful.”

Since 2008 Georg Salden collaborates with Ludwig Übele to make his extensive font library available digitally and exclusively at TypeManufactur. Übele is himself a passionate type designer, his type designs are available at LudwigType.

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