Planet is a convincing body copy typeface, practical and without affectations. Its small round letters are circular and the curve-endings also follow that of a circle. The characters h, m, n, u, by way of contrast, have a rather narrow inner-surface and thereby permit a tighter line of letters. Even the upper-case letters require little space. The result is a matter-of-fact, business-like, compact text, to which the surprisingly lively and voluptuous descender of the grotesque g lends a special charm. The italics are narrower and spaced tightly. In use they create a nice contrast to the wide upright. Good legibility also allows them to be used alone perfectly.

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Planet is a typeface based on humanistic rather than modern proportions. While, sans-serifs based on classical proportions have geometric, circular shapes, they end up running very wide, Planet is far more compact, and for that reason, more useful. Although, Planet is a practical, down-to-earth typeface for body text, it has surprising details. For instance the fine connections at K and R, the lusty terminals at c and e, the elegant descenders of g and y, the extraordinary et-sign, and the remarkable numbers.

Planet is a friendly but also clear typeface. It is versatile and can be used for a wide range of typographic content including editorials, brochures, webpages, packaging, and corporate design.

The italics are somewhat narrow with rather calligraphic forms. In use they create a nice contrast to the wide upright, or used alone, they create a very legible and harmonious piece of text.

As in all typefaces of Georg Salden, the numerals of the Planet are exceptional. Planet fonts contain both lining and old-style figures, both proportional and tabular.