Q: How does the license work?

A: By buying the license you only buy the right to use the fonts. The fonts themselves remain the exclusive property of TypeManufactur. The price of the license depends on the size of your company. The size of your company means the number of employees and not the number of computers on which the fonts will be installed. It is crucial to specify the number of all employees, not just the number of users who work with the fonts.

Q: Can I upgrade my license?

A: Yes. An existing font license can be extended to any number of embloyees. Please get in touch with us and provide your original order information and about the upgrade you wish to purchase. You can only upgrade licenses you purchased with us directly. If you had purchased fonts from other distributors, we cannot offer that service.

Q: What is a Corporate Licence?

A: In certain situations, it makes more sense to purchase a Corporate Licence. The Corporate Licence is a worry-free solution that covers all licensing options provided by TypeManufactur. You will receive all available font formats. One licence. One payment. Unlimited use.

Q: Can I share a license with my client or service bureau?

A: Licences are not transferable. If your client wants to use the fonts as well he has to purchase a license for his business. If the printer or service bureau needs to install the fonts on their computers they will need to purchase a separate license.

Q: Can I embed fonts into PDF and Flash files?

A: Yes. Embedding of our fonts into documents is allowed in a secured read/print-only mode and as long as the document itself is not a commercial product. If you need to embed fonts that will not be in secured read/print-only environment and/or as the document itself is a commercial product, you must notify TypeManufactur to purchase an additional license.

Q: Can I use the fonts on a website?

A: Only our webfonts are allowed for use on websites. Uploading the desktop font data (OTF) to web servers is strictly prohibited, as well as the conversion of it to webfonts (EOT, WOFF, WOFF2, TTF). You are allowed to convert the desktop fonts to images (GIF, JPG, PNG) or use the fonts in Flash websites.

Q: Can I use the fonts in an App or eBook?

A: We have a special app license for mobile apps and an eBook license for eBooks and PDFs.

Q: Can I modify fonts?

A: We donʼt allow others to modify our fonts, but we are open to user requests and can customize our fonts for you for a reasonable fee. Please contact us for details.

Q: Where can I find the Licence Agreement?

A: You can find the link ‘View Licence Agreement’ on all order pages. You can also click here to view the Licence Agreement.