Typefaces by Georg Salden


Turbo is a “rounded” sans-serif from the constructive grotesque font style. Special attention has been given to the stem-endings. They are not mechanical semi-circles. Rather, in all the various positions, they are manually shaped so that their curves work, and make sense from a design perspective. Thanks to tiny factors like this, they form a closed base line.

Turbo fonts are available in OpenType Basic (no features) and OpenType Expert (features included). OpenType features provide advanced typographic performance and can be accessed by almost all professional layout software.

Various numerals
Turbo Expert fonts come with proportional lining figures with varying widths and kerning. Oldstyle and tabular figures are available via features. The space glyph measures exactly half of the width of tabular figures, therefore it can easily be used for spaces in tabular composition.

Proportional Lining Figures
Tabular Lining Figures

Alternate e
Turbo Expert fonts also contain additionally an alternate e. It is accessible via Stylistic Set 01 (InDesign) or Stylistic Alternates (QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Photoshop) and the Swash feature.

Numerals separated by a slash will be replaced automatically by real fractions.

Standard figures will be replaced by superior figures.

Standard figures will be replaced by inferior figures.

Language Features
Correct typographical glyphs e.g. in Romanian (commaaccent replaces cedilla) and Turkish (dotaccent on the small caps lower case i).

The typographic layout features can be accessed via the Opentype palette (Illustrator) or the Character palette (InDesign and QuarkXpress). All glyphs available with the font can be seen in the Glyph palette.