Typefaces by Georg Salden


Dalli, not unlike Tap, preserves the rough contour and utilises irregularities to produce fluid and harmonious lines. In this case, however, the handwriting style is deliberately pushed almost to the point of illegibility in some places. This is primarily implemented using a large number of ligatures and alternative letters, which are added automatically by means of OpenType features. For instance, there is a ligature nn, which can also be used for nu, un or uu, just as in real life. So “Dalli, Dalli”, in two bolds!

Dalli OpenType Expert contain alternate characters and ligatures to intensify the effect of a handwritten type.

Dalli fonts are available in OpenType Basic (no features) and OpenType Expert (features included). OpenType features provide advanced typographic performance and can be accessed by almost all professional layout software.

Alternate characters and ligatures
To intensify the effect of handwritten type. Dalli contains alternate characters and ligatures, accessible via “Ligatures” and “Contextual Alternates”. However, the characters will not always be replaced, but only in certain combinations. This simulates the irregularity of real handwriting.

Alternate numerals
Alternate figures 1 and 7 are available via Stylistic Set 01 (InDesign) or Stylistic Alternates (QuarkXpress, Illustator, Photoshop).

Numerals separated by a slash will be replaced automatically by real fractions.

Standard figures will be replaced by superior figures.

Standard figures will be replaced by inferior figures.

The typographic layout features can be accessed via the Opentype palette (Illustrator) or the Character palette (InDesign and QuarkXpress). All glyphs available with the font can be seen in the Glyph palette.