Typefaces by Georg Salden


Axiom is a curious grotesque. It’s horizontal strokes and curves are marginally lighter than the verticals. Diagonal rising strokes, on the other hand, are noticeably leaner. That makes the figures dynamic and space-saving and lends this highly usable sans-serif a very distinctive character. Axiom is drawn differently for small and larger sizes; it is available in 4 weights, and comes with an equally charming italic.

Axiom is rational body typeface. It has some stroke contrast, for example the diagonals are thinner. To stabilize these thinner strokes, Georg Salden added angular corners at the baseline and x-height. This is new and supports the banding. For larger sizes there is an Axiom which is significantly narrower and lighter, without the stabilization corners (see below).

Axiom 11 contains ink traps, so the characters stay sharper in small sizes.

Axiom 66 has no ink traps and is slightly lighter and narrower. It is more elegant in bigger sizes such as headlines and space-saving in narrow columns.

Axiom 11 contains the usual ampersand (left), Axiom 66 a more playful form (right).

OpenType Basic fonts contain only tabular lining numerals. OpenType Expert fonts contain different numerals: proportional lining figures can be accessed directly via the keyboard. Oldstyle figures and tabular figures as well as superior and inferior figures are accessible via OpenType features.

Axiom fonts are available in OpenType Basic (no features) and OpenType Expert (features included). OpenType features provide advanced typographic performance and can be accessed by almost all professional layout software.

Various numerals
Axiom Expert fonts come with proportional lining figures with varying widths and kerning. Oldstyle and tabular figures are available via features. The space glyph measures exactly half of the width of tabular figures, therefore it can easily be used for spaces in tabular composition.

Proportional Lining Figures
Tabular Lining Figures
Proportionale mediaevale Ziffern
Tabular Oldstyle Figures

Numerals separated by a slash will be replaced automatically by real fractions.

Standard figures will be replaced by superior figures.

Standard figures will be replaced by inferior figures.

Language Features
Correct typographical glyphs e.g. in Romanian (commaaccent replaces cedilla) and Turkish (dotaccent on the small caps lower case i).

The typographic layout features can be accessed via the Opentype palette (Illustrator) or the Character palette (InDesign and QuarkXpress). All glyphs available with the font can be seen in the Glyph palette.