Typefaces by Georg Salden

End-user license agreement

Ordering and receiving data via digital transfer the licencee acknowledges and accepts our Font Software License Agreement.

1. The font’s designer, Georg Salden (hereinafter »Salden«) transfers to Licensee the nonexclusive right to use the purchased typefaces designed and produced by him, under their names here indicated and in exactely the shapes and format as they are delivered.

2. For the right to use the Salden fonts ordered and for the delivery of the font software, Licensee shall pay the foregoing amount. The price depends on Licensee’s number of employees. Webfonts are licensed for one specific domain.

3. The font storage media sent to Licensee and the font software itself shall remain Salden’s property. Salden shall in no event be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages for which the Licensee may be sued by his customer, even if such damages could have arisen from a software defect during the software’s transmission.

4. Licensee and Salden herby agree to prevent, to the degree reasonable, the copying or duplication of Salden font software in any form by third parties.

5. If Licensee provides a file to printers, exposure studios or similar service companies to perform a specific job, Licensee shall not embed Salden font software unless this company requires it. Licensee shall forbid such third parties from using embedded Salden fonts for any other job or themselves and from selling, trading, or sharing embedded Salden fonts with another person or entity.

6. Embedding of fonts in PDF documents is only permitted in a secured read/print-only mode and as long as the document itself is not a commercial product. Embedding of fonts in applications, ebooks, computer hardware (OEM), or other commercial products is not permitted.

7. Webfonts are provided in WOFF, TTF and EOT format. The fonts may not be used with any other web embedding or web font replacement technologies without the purchase of supplemental licensing. Uploading the desktop font data (OTF) to web servers is strictly prohibited, as well as the conversion of it to webfonts.

8. Licensee may not under any circumstances rent, lease, or sublicense a Salden font or fonts to another person or entity. This restriction also applies to Salden fonts that have been renamed, modified, or translated into another data format. Any willful violation by Licensee of this clause shall lead to the immediate revocation of usage rights. Licensee shall then undertake to destroy irretrievably all Salden font software it has received. Sublicenses to third parties are null and void.

9. If for any reason Licensee no longer uses the Salden fonts delivered to it, the software use rights and any storage media shall fall back to Salden unless Licensee designates a successor person or entity and unless such successor person or entity signs this Agreement. Licensee shall inform Salden immediately if such a situation arises.