The prices are based on the size of your company and the size of the character set of the fonts. The size of your company means the number of all employees, not the number of computers on which the fonts will be installed.

Price per font:
Number of employees Opentype Basic Opentype Expert Opentype Web
1 employee: 70 Euro 95 Euro 70 Euro
2-3 employees: 75 Euro 100 Euro 75 Euro
4-8 employees: 80 Euro 105 Euro 80 Euro
9-14 employees: 85 Euro 115 Euro 85 Euro
15-20 employees: 95 Euro 130 Euro 95 Euro
21-30 employees: 105 Euro 145 Euro 105 Euro
31-50 employees: 125 Euro 170 Euro 125 Euro
51-100 employees: 150 Euro 200 Euro 150 Euro
101-250 employees: 200 Euro 270 Euro 200 Euro
251-500 employees: 280 Euro 380 Euro 280 Euro
501-1000 employees: 380 Euro 520 Euro 380 Euro

All prices are for single fonts and are exclusive of VAT. Companies bigger then 1000 employees, publishing houses and Multi-User-Licences, please contact us.

OpenType Basic fonts cover the Western and Central European character set and contain one set of numerals (usually tabular figures).

OpenType Expert fonts cover the Western and Central European character set and contain different numerals and other OpenType features.

OpenType Web fonts are specially made for web and can be embedded via CSS. Webfonts cover the Western and Central European character set and contain no OpenType features. Prices are based on the number of employees of the owner of the webpage, and per domain.

General Business Terms

How do I buy fonts?
Choose a typeface you would like to purchase and click on the blue Buy button on its page. You will be offered the option to select OpenType Basic or OpenType Expert, and in some cases OpenType Web. Select individual typefaces or complete packages, complete the order details and pay by PayPal or credit card. Once the payment is completed the fonts and the invoice (PDF) are sent automatically to the email address you provided.

Payment methods
The payment is done using PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to use PayPal. You can also pay with credit card or, depending on your country, Bank transfer. Bank transfers can take a few days, so please allow for the processing time. Once the payment is completed the fonts are sent automatically to your email address.

Return policy
Downloaded fonts are not returnable. If a font is defective we will provide a replacement. If you purchase the wrong version of a font and tell us within 7 days, we will switch your order to the correct version at no charge.

Differences between OpenType Basic and OpenType Expert?
Both font formats contain the latin character set for most Western and Central European langugaes. Moreover OpenType Expert fonts contain additional characters like various numerals or other OpenType features, which provide advanced typographic performance. You can find all additional characters and features on the particular typeface page.

Language support
Almost all languages using latin characters are supported. Find a detailed list here. Some typefaces are also available with non-latin characters like cyrillic or greek.

Using the fonts on a website
Only our webfonts are allowed for use on websites. Uploading the desktop font data (OTF) to web servers is strictly prohibited, as well as the conversion of it to webfonts (EOT, WOFF, TTF). You are allowed to convert the desktop fonts to images (GIF, JPG, PNG). We are working hard to provide all our fonts as webfonts.

PDF embedding
Embedding of fonts in PDF documents is only permitted in a secured read/print-only mode and as long as the document itself is not a commercial product. If you need to embed fonts that will not be in secured read/print-only environment and/or as the document itself is a commercial product, you must notify us to purchase an additional license.

Embedding in eBooks and Apps
Embedding of fonts in applications, ebooks, computer hardware (OEM), or other commercial products is not permitted. Please get in touch with us if you wish to use our fonts that way.

What is OpenType?
OpenType is a font format jointly developed by Adobe and Microsoft in the late 1990ʼs. OpenType fonts support Unicode, which means that a single OpenType font can contain a large number of glyphs. A single font could be used for setting texts in multiple languages. OpenType fonts are cross-platform; the same file can be used on Mac and PC, and OpenType fonts should behave consistently on both platforms.

Style linking
Our fonts are not style-linked. Using the Bold and Italic buttons in Word or QuarkXpress will result in wrong »artificial« bolding and slanting.